The Artist - Emma Nightingale

Emma Nightingale - Glass ArtistI make kiln formed glass, working in both transparent and opaque glass.  I experiment with different techniques, often integrating several techniques into a single piece, exploring options and different approaches, pushing both my own boundaries and that of the glass that I work with.  I am increasingly fascinated with glasses that react with each other.   Venetian murrini glass has been at the core of my work and I now pull my own rods, designed in my studio and experiment with different ways of incorporating the murrini into my kiln formed glass be it vessels, wall panels or other functional items.

My passion for glass and the inspiration it brings me has steadily grown over the years.  For me its about colour, form, movement, texture and design and the way an artist can bring all of these elements together to create unique objects of great beauty and desire.  I’m a natural problems solver and the challenges glass making present play into my natural ability.

I’m naturally curious, continuously learning from others and from myself which I integrate into my practice.  Each day brings new discoveries, some of which I develop further and others, by choice, I decide to leave behind.

My kiln formed glass includes samples of new work, functional objects, wall art, wearable glass and architectural glass for bathrooms and kitchens (splashbacks and panels).  I am increasingly working to commission.