Emma Glass Journey

Emma started her glass journey in Summer 2000 when a friend suggested she attend a glass taster weekend at Liquid Glass (now the Glass Hub).  This was a natural transition from the mosaic work that she had been doing over the previous 3 or 4 years.

After this initial weekend Emma wanted to do more and found a glassmaker in Luton, Paul Stevenson, not far from where she lived who offered half-day workshops and also hired out his glass studio, tools and kiln.  She did a couple of workshops with him and then transitioned into occasionally using his studio and kiln.  Emma was aware that he had made his own kiln and asked if he would make her one, which he did and she is still using that same kiln is still today.

Over the next 10 years Emma continued to build her glass knowledge, experimenting in her studio and continued to attend a variety of short workshops (fusing, kiln casting, textiles, sandblasting) mostly at Creative Glass in Rochester, Kent.  She also completed a short kiln forming/mould-making course at Westminster College.

Emma has always recognised that she has a real talent for glass making and in 2013 started to look at glass masters that she was truly inspired by and from whom she could broaden her range of skills.  This small and select group of glassmakers has included Amanda Simmons, Nathan Sandberg, Richard Parrish, Craig Mitchell Smith and Bob Leatherbarrow.